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We specialize in custom Silk Flower Arrangements For Weddings, Graduations & All Occasions.

Serving Swainsboro - Since 1996
  • Life is filled with Memories

    We help preserve your precious memories with our custom Silk Flower arrangements. Whether it's a joyous occasion like a Christening, Graduation or a Wedding we'll deliver the perfect Silk Flower arrangement.

    We also specialize in custom Silk Memorial arrangements.


    We'll Help You Look Your Best. Choose from Hair Weaves, Wigs or Hair Extensions. Your Look Is Our Look 

    Serving Swainsboro - Since 1996

    Kellam's Variety Store

    Proudly Serving the Community of Swainsboro, Georgia Since 1996

    Hair Weave Silk Flowers

    Drop On By We're Always Looking To Meet New Friends And Create New Memories

    Serving Swainsboro - Since 1996

    Marketing By Small Business Rescuer

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