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Lyft Drivers

Drivers Rev Up Your Engines New Income Is Coming Your Way

Increase your income by 100% - 300% over-time. You continue to earn even when you're not driving! Cha Ching

Lyft Uber Drivers

Drivers Unite It's Pay Back Time. It's Your Turn To Cash In!

Being a professional driver has its ups and downs. The ups are working your own hours, meeting great people and occasionally scoring a fare that leaves you with an exceptionally generous tip.

What would you think if I told you a new program allowed you to drive like you always have, but double or triple your income over time without doing any extra work? Would you like to know more?

Read on and you'll discover how one simple giveaway can add hundreds of dollars in new revenue and over time thousands and eventually surpass the total income that you currently earn now.

The core principal behind this system is distribution. As a driver you meet dozens of new people everyday. Do you realize that you and the service that you offer to your customers is a perfect marketing platform?

We'll show you how to activate that platform and cash in big time when you do.

You've Heard Of... Thinking Outside Of The Box? Most People Can't Do It... Here Is YourRescued's Out Of The Box Concept Just For Lyft Drivers, Uber Drivers, Skip The Dishes Drivers and All Independent Drivers Everywhere  

You're a professional driver. You know your business and more than likely know it well. You meet new people everyday. As a driver your primary task is to pick up a customer and drop them off at their desired destination. Correct? 

Have You Ever Considered Becoming An Authorized Health Center?

It's about right now, that you're probably thinking what kind of a stupid plan is this? How could I become an Authorized Health Center and why would I want to be one, I'm not qualified? You're correct that in most cases you wouldn't be qualified, but your are qualified to do this.

You Are Qualified To Give Your Customers A Gift

What if when you arrived at your destination you handed your customer a card with a sample and said my car's been sponsored by Simplized Health. I'm pleased to give you a free membership to Simplized Health that's worth $468.00

Uber Driver

You Give-You Get!

Your jobs over when your fare arrives at their destination and accepts your gift for a FREE Simplized Health Membership.

What you'll discover is approximately 6 out of 10 will enroll. When they enroll they'll be permanently linked to you.

Of those that enroll, a large percentage will end up purchasing one of our recommended products. All of our recommended products work and they're consumable. So many of the people you referred will continue to order over and over again and you'll earn commissions over and over again.

The best part is once your customer enrolls, we take over and do all the marketing from that point on and you'll get paid every time one of your customers orders.

You'll Use This Invitation For All Your Customers

Marketing materials are inexpensive and easy to obtain. The invitation below is common stock available from Vista print.

Nothing could be easier than at the end of a ride saying "Thank You for riding with me. My car is sponsored by Simplized Health. Right now they're running a promotion and they've authorized me to give all my riders a free life-time membership to their Simplized Health and Weight Management membership." You give your rider this and a Sample of one of our products. Chances are they'll get home or back to their office and register as a member. When they order you'll get paid. 

Simplized Health Invitation

Success Is As Easy As Giving Your Customers An Invitation

Making more money by doing virtually the same amount of work is something that everyone would say yes to. Right?

As a Lyft driver or an Uber driver this simple approach fits perfectly. We're all grown ups and we all understand that there's no such thing as something for nothing. The Your Rescued system's ability to generate additional income is a process.

We're often asked how much money can I make over what time period?

There are two factors to consider. The first factor is, are you going to do this based upon your efforts alone? If that's the case, the numbers shown in the video above are what you could expect to generate. The biggest factor of success is understanding the time factor and how percentages play a factor. Some of the people will buy right away others will buy after seeing and hearing from Simplized Health's team of Healthcare professionals. In simple terms the more invitations that you give out over time will result in sales. Often these sales will be repeat sales. This has the high potential to create a residual income flow for you.

The second factor kicks in when you introduce the Your Rescued concept to other Small Businesses,

Uber Drivers, Lyft Drives, Hair Salons, Dry Cleaners etc. All of these businesses want to generate more income, they'll be more than willing to become a Simplized Health's Authorized Health Center. They'll give away free memberships to their customers. The rate that your income can grow from this is dramatic. The best part is that it's easy to introduce this concept to other business owners as we build you a customized landing page that you can share with other business owners.

Your Next Steps.

If you want to see an overview of the entire Your Rescued program and everything you and others receive CLICK HERE you can also enroll into the program. The enrollment form is at the bottom of the page.

Or you can call us right now.

Just click on the phone Icon below and direct connect with me immediately. 

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