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"Losing Customers
And Revenue To Aggressive Competition"

Pains Gone With...
YourRescued! Instantly Reverses Customer
And Revenue Loss! Turns The Tables
On Aggressive Competition

Since 1988, We've Helped 20,000 Small Business Owners Gain Local Market Advantage

Spring 1988

  • Small Business Rescuer
    Dori O'Neill Founder YourRescued Simplized Health

    Thirty Three Years Of Helping Local Small Business Owners Increase Revenue, Retain Customers
    Affordably With YourRescued.

    In three plus decades a lot has changed for Small Businesses. Some of it's good and some not so good.

    Looking back life was much simpler. Business owners knew a large percentage of their customers by their first name. Customers where treated differently, there was a lot more time dedicated to providing great service. 

    Advertising and marketing your local business was simple. List your business in the yellow pages, a few times a year go all out and run an ad in your local Newspaper, and if you were really doing well or had an exceptionally popular service or product perhaps you'd advertise on your local radio station.

    What made that whole process easy was you'd have your personal rep from Yellow Pages help you and work with you to get your listing placed, the same was true for the local Newspaper. 

    Then Came The Internet, Smart Phones, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Bing, Instagram, Websites, SMS Marketing was this progress???

    You'd think life got easier for Small Business Owners and it did for some. But for others it was the start of a nightmare. A nightmare that even today, causes many small business owners endless hours of frustration and in many cases lost profits and confusion.

    The Hair Salon Owner Wants To Cut Hair, The Owner Of Local Dry Cleaner Wants To Clean Clothes, Business Owners Just Want To Deliver Great Service They Don't Want To...

    Master HTML, Twitter, Tick-Tock, Facebook, SMS Marketing They Want To Run Their Business, Treat Their Customers Well And Enjoy Time With Their Families. Unfortunately This Dream Has Been Ripped Away From Most
    Business Owners.  

    YourRescued Solves A Number Of These Challenges For Such A Low Investment A
    Lot Have Difficulty
    Believing It's Real!

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    See & Use What You'll Give
    To Your Customers

    Rescuer Reward Incentive Certificate Program Is FREE!

    A lot of business owners would love it if their customers purchased additional products or services. McDonald's restaurants perfected the technique. "Would you like to make that a combo" or "Would you like to upsize your drink" for only? The fact is it's easy when you're talking about a small difference in price. 

    A lot of business owners try but fail to entice customers to upgrade a service. The Reason They Fail Include...
    > Skill of the employee
    > Price of the upgrade
    The Benefits of using Rescuer Reward Incentive Certificates
    > Perceived value of the incentive offsets price difference objection.
    > Example: Hair Salon Customer Offers A Teeth Whitening Kit If Their Customer   Books A Pedicure. A higher percentage of customers will upgrade.

    The Rescuer Reward Certificate Program Is Included FREE!
    Fact Check! Go to
    www.SalesIncentives.biz They're the leading supplier of Incentive Certificates. You'll see the costs
    $199.00   Setup Fee
    $ 99.00   Monthly Fee
    $1,188.00 Per Year! Why Pay Them When...

    As A YourRescued member, incentive certificates are Included FREE?

    online marketing

    I Don't Know What I Don't Know And
    Neither Do You!

    We're All Good At Somethings, No One Is Good At Everything. YourRescued Delivers Expert Business
    Advice And Counseling For FREE!

    Online Marketing gives me a headache. There's so much happening is hard to keep up with. I'm considered to be one of the best, most successful, small business consultants in the world. However if you start to talk to me about, Facebook advertising and adding tracking pixels to my ads and making sure that I have this from Google and that from Twitter and don't forget about What's App etc. I feel queasy. My blood pressure starts to rise (That's not good for someone over 60 LOL). 

    If I felt that way, I thought "How do small Business Owners Feel" It turns out most felt the same as me. So we Eliminated that Stress!

    How we solved that challenge is right from a chapter in Napoleon Hill's book "Think and Grow Rich". We sought expert council. We reached out the experts in the area of online local marketing for small business. We looked for people that know how to get a small businesses to rank for the coveted 3 pack position on google.

    We reached out the best of the best and asked if they'd join our cause to help Small Business Owners get their businesses back on track? They Said Yes!

    As a member business of Small Business Rescuer you have access to our online business members only area. Inside you'll find all kinds of training and
    support materials.

    Business Members Also Have FREE Access To Webinars Hosted By Experts In Local Marketing. You'll get proper advice from experienced professional in all the areas of how to get more business and new customers. 

    We know you're busy and possibly can't attend every business strategy webinar. You'll find the recordings for events you missed in your members only area.

    The Value of this, Priceless. Your Cost ZERO it's included with your Authorized Simplized Health Membership

    Google local search listing

    You've Heard Of... Thinking Outside Of The Box? Most People Can't Do It... Here Is YourRescued's Out Of The Box Concept Just For You!

    Small Business Revenue

    Would It Be Safe To Say You Know Your Business Well?


    What you're about to see is out of the box thinking at
    Our small business members are primarily in the service industries. Our members include: Hair Stylists, Feed Stores, Dry Cleaners, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Dentists, Fitness Center, Optometrists, Nail Salons, Day Spas, Laser Hair Removal, Tattoo Artists, Barbers, Doggie Day Care, Car Dealers, Muffler Shops, Heavy Equipment Sales etc. 

    These Businesses Are Also AUTHORIZED SIMPLIZED HEALTH CENTERS. Specializing In Health & Weight Management!

    Right Now You May Be Shaking Your Head And Thinking "What does a Doggie Day Care know about Health & Weight Management?
    The Answer Is

    Each of these business is appointed by Small Business Rescuer as an Authorized Health Center for Simplized Health.

    They give their customers a membership that's valued at $468.00. Their customer receives the free membership and once they enroll Simplized Health's team of Healthcare Professionals provides professional support related to Health and Weight Management.

    Your Customer's Will Love You For Giving Them The Gift Of Health!

    Once inside your customers will discover the Simplized steps that they can take to improve their families health. The information is delivered by our team of health care professionals.

    They'll also gain lifetime access to the Simplized Health's Member's only online Health and Weight management support site. They'll have free access to video support, PDF downloads and live training on webinars supported by our team of Doctors.

    It's real value and DOES NOT REQUIRE OUR BUSINESS OWNERS OR You To Have Any KNOWLEDGE IN THE Health Or Weight Management Area!

    You'll Give Your Customers this incredible gift and you'll have created a new income stream by giving this gift to your customers.

    "You said my membership is FREE! How am I making any Money? 
    Watch The Video And You'll Discover Why New Businesses Are Lining
    Up To Enroll. 

    God Forbid! That Anyone Has To Shutter Their Business Again. 

    While It Won't Replace Business Income, Cash From Your Customers Simplized Health Purchases Will Keep Rolling In!

    It's a small insurance policy that we all hope we'll never
    have to use.

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