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Webinar Recording

How Small Businesses And Entrepreneurs Make Money As An Authorized Health Center With Simplized Health

Webinar Replay How To Make Money as and Authorized Health Center
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Below you'll find the webinar recording explaining how you make money with your Authorized Health Center


We recorded this webinar to clear up some of the confusion about Making Money as an Authorized Health Center.

The Number 1 Misconception is people don't understand the How Simple the System is and how Easy it is to Make Money!

After doing the live webinar people reported it cleared up a number of issues and misunderstandings.

The best part was several people were able to put the system into action immediately even before their printed invitations arrived. It's a short webinar so you don't need to pop-popcorn, however you may want to grab a beverage before you start watching. Enjoy!

The full pre-recorded webinar is below.
To activate simply click the play button.

You'll Use This Invitation For All Your Customers

Simplized Health Invitation

Success Is As Easy As Giving Your Customers An Invitation

Making more money by doing virtually the same amount of work is something that everyone would say yes to. Right? As a Small Business Owner this simple approach fits perfectly with your customer work flow. The Your Rescued system's ability to generate additional income is a process.

We're often asked how much money can I make over what time period?

There are two factors to consider. The first factor is, are you going to do this based upon your efforts alone? If that's the case, the numbers shown in the video above are what you could expect to generate. The biggest factor of success is understanding the time factor and how percentages play a factor. Some of the people will buy right away others will buy after seeing and hearing from Simplized Health's team of Healthcare professionals. In simple terms the more invitations that you give out over time will result in sales. Often these sales will be repeat sales. This has the potential to create a residual income flow for you.

The second factor kicks in when you introduce the Your Rescued concept to other Small Businesses,

Uber Drivers, Lyft Drives, Hair Salons, Dry Cleaners etc. All of these businesses want to generate more income, they'll be more than willing to become a Simplized Health's Authorized Health Center. They'll give away free memberships to their customers. The rate that your income can grow from this is dramatic. The best part is that it's easy to introduce this concept to other business owners as we build you a customized landing page that you can share with other business owners.

If you want to see an overview of the entire Your Rescued program and everything you and others receive CLICK HERE you can also enroll into the program. The enrollment form is at the bottom of the page.

Or you can call us right now.

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