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Finally A Business Opportunity That You Can Be Proud Of!

Life Liberty The Persuit of Happiness

Trinity Business Blessing A Community Blessed Business Opportunity Is A Business That You Can Be Proud To Own!

Imagine owning a business where everything that you do, helps everyone in the entire community.

Imagine owning a business the harder you work the greater the prosperity for you and your entire community. 

Imagine walking into a small business a Church or another community institution and know that everyone would look to you as a giver someone that was born to make a difference.

Imagine no more, the Trinity Business Blessing, Business Opportunity delivers that and more. There are very few things in life that provide more satisfaction than knowing what you do makes a positive difference in peoples lives.

Profound, Prolific, Profitable. These three words when put in action trigger the Trinity effect.

We're going to show you how these three words trigger the Trinity Effect.


Trinity Business Blessing is profound because it helps non-profits and business generate immediate income. It does so by delivering the three things that everyone wants. They want to be healthy, secure and happy. 

Health is delivered by giving everyone free access to the Simplized Health Membership. 

Security is delivered by generating income for non-profits and businesses within a community and keeping a large percentage of that income within the community. Income generation helps individuals, businesses and non-profits.

Happiness is accomplished from information and programs found within the Simplized Health Membership. Finding ways to feels secure and improve one's health also leads to happiness.

By combining the effects of Health, Security and Happiness Trinity Effect you've created a Profound, Prolific, Profitable Trinity effect. These factors when present produce a a positive effect for Everyone, Everywhere, All The Time. Trinity Effect.

Attention: Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners The Information Below Is A Summarized Overview Of Some Of The Benefits That You'll Receive As An Authorized Health Center With The Trinity Business Blessing Program. 

Small Business Rescuer offers entrepreneurs and businesses a full array of services to help you increase revenue, improve search engine positioning and more. Many of the services are included for free when you join as an authorized health center. To discover all the the program, benefits visit our home page https://yourrescued.net 

Marketing materials are inexpensive and easy to obtain. The invitation below is common stock available from Vista print.

Nothing could be easier than giving your customers a free membership to Simplized Health.

They'll enjoy the benefits, they'll be grateful for the gift and they'll order products and in many cases lose a few pounds and improve their health.

I'm sure you'd agree that for those that experience positive results they'll share that with others. When they do you'll pick up additional revenue from their word of mouth efforts.

It's a Win Win marketing plan. Your customer Wins, by gaining the health benefits, you Win by gaining the revenue. Best of all it's so easy to make it work...

You'll Use This Invitation For Everyone

Simplized Health Invitation

Success Is As Easy As Giving The Gift Of Health!

Making more money by doing virtually the same amount of work is something that everyone would say yes to. Right? As a Non-Profit or Small Business Owner this simple approach fits perfectly with the desires of the people you service.

We're often asked how much income can be generated and over what period of time?

There are two factors to consider. The first factor is, are you going to do this based upon your efforts alone? If that's the case, the numbers shown in the video above are what you could expect to generate. The biggest factor of success is understanding the time factor and how percentages play a factor. Some of the people will buy right away others will buy after seeing and hearing from Simplized Health's team of Healthcare professionals. In simple terms the more invitations that you give out over time will result in sales. Often these sales will be repeat sales. This has the potential to create a residual income flow for you or your organization.

The second factor kicks in when you introduce the Trinity Business Blessing to others.

By Blessing others with the Trinity Business Blessing concept, you'll trigger the Trinity effect for everyone involved.

Everyone in the Trinity benefits from what Trinity Business Blessing delivers. When You share you show you care. You can share with other non-profits, businesses and individuals. You can share opportunity help and hope, with everyone anytime from anywhere.

Uber Drivers, Lyft Drives, Hair Salons, Dry Cleaners etc. All of these businesses want to generate more income, they'll be more than willing to become a Simplized Health's Authorized Health Center. They'll give away free memberships to their customers. The rate that your income can grow from this is dramatic. The best part is that it's easy to introduce this concept to other business owners as we build you a customized landing page that you can share with other business owners.

If you want to see an overview of the entire Your Rescued program and everything you and others receive CLICK HERE you can also enroll into the program. The enrollment form is at the bottom of the page.

Or you can call us right now.

Just click on the phone Icon below and direct connect with me immediately. 

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The Permanent Fundraiser Is Here And It Works.

Non-profit organizations are always looking for ways to bring in more revenue. They’re also constantly trying to find new fundraising ideas that are more fun and engaging than the next bake sale, car wash or raffle. Trinity Business Blessing has created a way for non-profits to create a permanent fundraiser for free.

The non-profit organization gains by creating one simple fundraiser which allows them to raise money from multiple sources.

TRINITY BUSINESS BLESSING is a service that offers non profit organizations the opportunity to create a permanent fundraiser for free.

Non-profit organizations need all the help they can get, especially when it comes to raising funds. The Trinity Business Blessing program provides support to non-profit organizations who have a 501c3 tax exempt certificate by creating a permanent fundraiser for them for free.

In a society that is increasingly more materialistic, the financial strain on non-profit organizations will continue to grow, but with the help of Trinity Business Blessing and its partners, this financial strain can be reduced.

The Trinity Business Blessing program is free and simple to join. All non-profit organizations need to do is to provide proof of their non-profit status. To get started simply click on the banner below.

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